Real-Time Telemicroscopy

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Why should you do manual telemicroscopy?

Instead of visiting a remote site just to read a slide, simply ask a technician to show it to you instantly online to save a lot of travelling time!

Because manual telemicroscopy is much more affordable than motorized scanners, it can be set up even on sites where telemicroscopy is not used regularly.

Read slides anywhere!

Share difficult slides with your colleagues for a second opinion. They just need a browser to look at the preview scan of your slide and with a single click they can request images of important sub regions at higher magnification.

Show slides to anyone!

Have a backup!

In case you are using robotic telemicroscopy already, make sure to have a manual backup. High precision instruments can fail easily. 

Image Quality!

The SlidePeek web viewer does not use the traditional screen sharing technology used by most robotic microscopes for telemicroscopy. As a result, the image quality is superior to traditional techniques. 

Additionally, SlidePeek supports oil immersion telemicroscopy!

What do you need?

2. Camera Adapter

You need a compatible camera adapter. Adapters from 0.5x to 1.0x will work. Ask Microvisioneer to find out if your equipment meets the required specifications.

4. Software

Buy the SlidePeek software directly from Microvisioneer with online support. Alternatively, ask for support from a local reseller.

You need a compatible camera. Ask Microvisioneer to find out if your camera is already supported. New cameras are added on a first come first serve basis.

You need a microscope with a trinocular tube. That means the microscope needs to have a camera port.

3. Camera

1. Microscope

Request a Live Demo

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Ask for a live demonstration of the Microvisioneer SlidePeek live telemicroscopy solution to see how easy it is to share slides worldwide!

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